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Slots Queen is in favor of gambling responsibly.

Problem Gambling and more specifically Responsible Gaming is a very important topic, one that we shouldn't take lightly - particularly if you believe you may need help with your gambling habits.

I personally view playing slots and gambling in general as a form of entertainment. When I want to gamble, I will set aside a set amount of expendable funds much like I do when I want to go to the movies, go out to dinner, having a drink with my friends. If I don't have extra cash to set aside and/or I can't afford to lose that money, I don't spend it; it is really that cut and dry.

In those regards, I believe it is my moral duty to promote responsible gambling here on Slots Queen; as such I urge each and everyone who chooses to gamble to please do so responsibly.

I would recommend that before you gamble that you always do a few things; firstly make sure it is legal for you to do so. Next, you should make sure that the money you will be using to gamble with is expendable money - that is to say that its money you have set aside for entertainment purposes - its money that you won't miss if you happen to lose it.

Playing slots as entertainment can be thoroughly entertaining, but it should never be more than simple amusement. Below are a few items which all gamblers should review. These items may indicate whether or not you could potentially have an issue with problem gambling. If any of these criteria match your gambling habits - you really should consider visiting one the gambling help organizations links below.

  • May be involved in criminal activities to get money to finance your habits.
  • You begin treating your real money like you do the casino chips - without care.
  • You may make numerous excuses to hide your habits. Poor excuses for missing work, or being late for dinner.
  • You find yourself continuously lying to family and friends about your gambling habits.
  • You are unable to stop gambling - you have trouble fighting the urge.
  • You borrow money from friends and family and use it for gambling. You lie about the reason behind a financial calamity.
  • You lie about your winnings to hide your losses.
  • After you have gambled you feel down about doing so. You display mood changes from angry to sarcastic.
  • You may have jeopardized personal relationships, hurt career opportunities or considered committing suicide.
  • You often gamble when there is a real life crisis either good or bad.

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